Annual Report

As we reflect on another year of impact in our communities, we are deeply grateful for the generosity and leadership of people in our region, investing in our communities to transform lives and seize the opportunity we have to make our world a better place. Through your trusted partnership, we supported our most vulnerable neighbors and inspired others to do the same. We preserved the beauty of our parks and natural spaces. We helped refugees find compassionate connections and local students pursue their passion. This is Who we are.

Together, we invested over $10 million in grants and scholarships in Eastern Washington and North Idaho during FY22. Thanks to the exceptional generosity of our donors, communities across our region are stronger, including diverse populations from small farming communities to large city centers.

It is through partnership with our expanding network of engaged nonprofit, business, education and government leaders that we generate transformational impact. This is Who brings broadband access to our most rural communities, provides uplifting resources for our neighbors experiencing homelessness and empowers victims of violent crimes to take back their lives.

It is through the commitment of over 300 volunteers and Leadership Council members that we reach every mile of our 20-county region across Eastern Washington and North Idaho, better understanding the opportunities before us. This is Who brings the voice of our communities to our work, enabling us to strategically confront ever-changing local challenges.

Finally, it is through our shared vision of a better world that we catalyze change with the LaunchNW initiative. This is Who advances opportunity for every child, prosperity for every family and growth for our economy by removing barriers to post-high school achievement and career training.

Creating a more prosperous and vibrant region requires us to be resilient, innovative and collaborative. As your community foundation, we cannot do this on our own. Community philanthropy takes all of us working together to promote the welfare of others.
Every year, every week and every moment are a chance for us to invest in vibrant, sustainable communities that support equity, creativity and learning, which drives lasting impact. We are so grateful for our trusted relationships and the positive change they produce. Together, we will continue to uphold our mission and vision.

Each story told on the following pages is reflective of your generosity and dedication to our region, proving This is Who we are. We warmly invite you to join us in celebrating our wonderful communities, the unwavering values we share and the remarkable future ahead.

Board Officers Fiscal Year 2023

Tyler Lafferty

Rick Rasmussen
Vice President

Marcelo Morales

Geraldine Lewis
Immediate Past President


Directors Fiscal Year 2023

Helo Hancock

Margo Hill

Scott Hutsell

Bob Larson

Ryan Nipp

Jeff Philipps

Gary Stokes

Patricia Wright




We work together to create impact. From hospitals to libraries to animal shelters, donor generosity empowers our community partners to improve access to education, promote health and wellbeing, support arts and culture, create economic opportunity and enhance quality of life. Investing in our communities, our donors and partners build opportunities and address specific challenges across our region. This is Who drives our path forward.

Arts & Culture

$460,524 total grants

This year, Innovia provided a grant to the Pend Oreille Arts Council in Sandpoint to launch two new outreach programs for students to explore the healing power of music and learn about historical events.

Education & Youth Development

$2,428,819 total grants

In September, the Asotin County Library Foundation officially began a 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program with grant support from Innovia.

Health & Wellbeing

$1,960,477 total grants

This year, Innovia awarded a grant to Tough As Nails, a Whitman County nonprofit distributing hands-on arts and craft kits to hospitalized children and families

Economic Opportunity

$302,769 total grants

This year, Innovia awarded the Transitions New Leaf Café at the Central Spokane Public Library a grant to support their mission to end poverty and homelessness for women and children in Spokane.

Quality of Life

$5,681,891 total grants

This year, Innovia awarded a grant to Animal Rescue Foundation in Grangeville which helped the organization provide services for families to adopt healthy and safe animals.

Keeping Local Public Radio Humming

Listeners in 750 communities throughout the Inland Northwest can tune into broadcasts from Spokane Public Radio...

Sandy Williams Fund for the Carl Maxey Center

In September, the tragic loss of Sandy Williams, a distinguished civil rights activist, journalist and community leader, left a tremendous void in our community...


Imagine if our entire community came together to ensure our children have the opportunity and support to pursue their post-high school career and education of choice. This is the bold promise of LaunchNW.

Empowering Refugee Women

Imagine leaving your home country, fleeing from war, violence or other unimaginable crises, and finding yourself in a new place with no connections...

Investing in Parks

Spokane is a city built around parks. To honor that legacy and ensure everyone has access to safe, clean public spaces for generations to come...

The Bacons of Colville

Dr. Barry and Shelley Bacon feel so passionately about their hometown of Colville that volunteering at a local organization of their choice didn’t feel like enough...


We partner with generous individuals, families, businesses and charitable organizations to establish funds that address the greatest needs and opportunities in our communities. This is Who empowers growth and prosperity for our region. Innovia offers our donors different fund types, each with unique characteristics to maximize impact. We are incredibly grateful to all of our donors and fund founders who make our work possible.

Community Funds

Community funds support programs and charitable causes to drive transformation in our region. In FY22, we awarded 326 community grants: $2,799,638

Donor-Advised Funds

Donor-advised funds provide the flexibility for donors to support nonprofits, schools, churches or other projects that benefit the community, in amounts they choose throughout the year. In FY22, we awarded 1,026 donor-advised grants: $6,038,985

Designated Funds

Designated funds support nonprofits, schools or churches, year after year for generations, through annual distributions. In FY22, we awarded 240 designated grants: $1,079,903

Nonprofit Funds

Nonprofit: A type of designated fund, nonprofit funds sustain the mission and long-term viability of nonprofit organizations serving our region. In FY22, we awarded 72 nonprofit designated grants: $596,099

Scholarship Funds

Scholarship funds support students attending colleges, universities and vocational schools in this region and beyond. In FY22, we awarded 101 scholarship grants: $319,855

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