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Helping Neighbors Help Neighbors

Founded in 1965 by a group of local citizens concerned about their neighbors, Rural Resources provides support for all needs with over 30 programs, each with the goal of assisting people and communities to develop the skills, resources and services necessary to improve their general welfare.

Project Timothy

A $5,000 grant from Innovia will help Project Timothy provide emergency housing, meals, rental assistance, financial assistance for utilities and public transportation passes to those who find themselves facing economic hardships in Columbia County and Waitsburg, Washington.

Delivering Meals and Wellness in Kamiah

“How do you tell a senior citizen that they don’t get to eat? You cannot do that,” said Brenda Johnson, Treasurer of the Kamiah Senior Center Board and acting kitchen manager. “We cannot do that, and I won’t do that. We find a way to get the meals to the people who need them.”

Investing in Parks

Spokane is a city built around parks. To honor that legacy and ensure everyone has access to safe, clean public spaces for generations to come, volunteer leaders of two local park organizations started endowments at Innovia this year.

Restoring Hope by Restoring Homes

Physician Barry Bacon and his wife, Shelley Bacon, feel so passionately about their hometown of Colville, Washington that volunteering at a local organization of their choice didn’t feel like enough. In 2003, they helped establish the Tri-County Community Health Fund (TCCHF), a nonprofit organization addressing health disparities in northeast Washington.

Keeping Local Public Radio Humming

Listeners in 750 communities across 20,000 square miles of the Inland Northwest can tune into broadcasts from Spokane Public Radio (SPR). The station’s small but valiant team keeps the airwaves humming with quality local, national and world news, weather updates, music and other cultural programming.

Inspiring Minds with the Wonders of Nature

Studying forestry among the lush pines or learning about the Steelhead trout swimming through the streams at their feet, students from Troy, Idaho have discovered the wonders of nature at the Neuman Conservation Forest for years. A recent grant from Innovia provided for the construction of a multi-purpose, outdoor educational pavilion on the land, preserving the space for generations of learning and community connection. 

Cultivating Joy Through Specialized Needs Recreation

Specialized Needs Recreation (SNR) believes that every individual can live a joyful, active and fulfilling life, provided the opportunity. The organization offers recreational socialization opportunities for individuals with special needs through a variety of programs in Coeur d’Alene. 

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